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Clipper-ing Through Game 1 of the Preseason

I’m doing this out of order: I did work the Fan Fest, but I was on the gates so I only was able to sneak away to catch the first quarter. It also would be foolish to just write about one quarter when the game turned into a pretty interesting defensive stand-off. I’ll start with a game that I was able to see.

The Blazers started their season in smashing fashion, literally, on Tuesday by handing the undermanned (and sadly, still lowly) Clippers a 115-89 defeat. It was the perfect blend of Blazer domination for stretches and a game-long tutorial in Clipper ineptitude. OK, maybe I shouldn’t be that harsh, the team was down Baron Davis and World champion sharp-shooter Eric “Chipmunk Cheeks” Gordon. Not that I feel an overweight and probably ‘Mr. I Don’t Feel Like It Today’ Baron Davis would have impacted the game that much. I do feel like the ability of Eric Gordon to cast shots from 25 feet out (like he has done often against the Blazers in the Rose Garden) would have given fans and the team a better indication of their close-out defense and sticking with legitimate 3 point threats. But that’s just me. Continue reading Clipper-ing Through Game 1 of the Preseason