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I Got Next

Finally, and this is a long time coming, I am breaking internet ground and staking my turf. Bienvenidos a I Just Write Right, a blogsite that will be chalked full of good content. What you will find here is commentary, be it on sports, life, music or just whatever is wandering in the Eden of my mind. If you haven’t read the peripherals about who I am, I am Clement. Just graduated from college and trying to get acclimated to this “real world,” which is actually just a place where school doesn’t rule your life on the daily (aside: I dropped that phrase on a kid, couldn’t have been more than 17 or 18, and he had no idea what I meant by it… I thought in the generation that spurred everyone would know these colloquial terms… my faith in humanity during the informational era was shaken, not stirred Bond style). Anyway, the real world has been interesting for the past month or so, but man having no paper to work with makes experiencing the real world real tough, real words for real people. I mentally feel as I type this out that I have gotten away from something… ugh, writer’s block… but I digress.

As a resident in the progressive place of Portland (yea, I get alliterative like that. Literary terms FTW!), I like many things. I follow the NBA pretty darn well, with the Trail Blazers being my main squeeze (Schwayze style), I golf when I can in the summer, sustainability and the mantra of reduce/reuse/recycle is in my blood. I delve into the sport of baseball every so often, mostly for the Baltimore Orioles (who are stinking it up and looking like a sure bet for the #1 pick in the amateur draft next year) and the San Francisco Giants (in the surprisingly decent NL West this year), as well as fantasy baseball. Which reminds me, fantasy sports take a pretty good share of my time because I treat it like a job. I just HAVE to win, and I just HAVE to be ahead of the people I compete with. So I am openly accepting challenges if you want me to show you how to win, get at me. Along with those three teams, a focus on promoting green lifestyles, I am a big proponent of music and movies. I find myself always hearing new music and sharing it my peoples… as of now I’m on a major Chiddy Bang binge. I think this is enough to give an introductory note on me.

So lemme put you on the game of how this blog will work. Usually, but not always, I will put a song in the post. I mean, I know you’re enjoying the sounds of Slick Rick da Ruler coming from your speakers. I do it to put a mood on the post and for today we have an upbeat Ricky D fresh out the pen getting re-acclimated to the real world (eerie how I synched that up huh? Nah, I’m full of symmetry.). Welcome, and please come back again… I think I’ll talk about the NBA draft on Friday or so.