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The General Devolution of a Sports Argument Part I: Fallacies

I am about to blog about something that is near and dear to my heart, as well as a glimpse into how I operate as a person. This is meant to be part educational, part me admonishing myself, as well as part commentary on “internet + sports discussion + Facebook + unrelenting opinions = this exact situation where we both look like idiots.” Discussing sports is something that I absolutely enjoy doing among my friends. Even when I am not with friends, I can easily broach the topic with whoever wants to oblige me and we can spend minutes upon hours talking and waxing poetically about sport’s existential awesomeness. That’s what sports do: they bring people together in a social setting to engage in some form of social bonding regardless of your team affiliation. The only problem is that once you bring all these people in for a social bonding experience, you have to look out for strong egos and even stronger unrelenting opinions. To make matters even worse, more and more social interactions (especially regarding sports) are occurring on internet message boards, Twitter and Facebook– mediums that trade face to face interactions with IP addresses, monikers and a computer monitor. A discussion and commentary on technology’s role in retarding social interaction is a completely different post… but these forums lead to hilarious or frustrating exchanges (depending on your vantage point)¬†between two people discussing sports. This is one of those stories.

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I’m back… at least I think so

Ok, ok, ok… I knew this was going to happen. Always has when I finally get into a groove of just typing out thoughts, preparing future blog posts and everything, disaster strikes. Hurricane ProcrastiClement hits with such force and swiftness, that while I know about it and how to stop it, I allow it to happen and get swept into the devastation that occurs directly afterwards. Lethargy and apathy set in first, followed by the ease of distraction (namely fantasy baseball, looking for employment [not all that bad], checking up on free agency and my terrible addiction to NCAA Football 09 and MVP 2005) and finally, the age old “I’ll get to it tomorrow” comments. Times like these are when I get super reflective and I always think:

“Man, knowing how I operate as a person in regards to start/finishing certain projects and endeavors… seeing the process I use… how the hell did I get to where I am at? I mean, graduated from high school nicely, got through college pretty well. Why do I keep doing the same stupid stuff like this?” Continue reading I’m back… at least I think so