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The Only Plan is the Plane Ticket

Every good idea starts with someone taking notice of an opportunity, having a vision and saying, “I think there is something brewing here. I can’t say what– I just have a gut feeling.” Not only does it take a single person to notice the aforementioned triumvirate, it takes a few like-minded individuals to join, buy in and embody the model envisioned. This isn’t some pyramid scheme or Amway pitch, nah, nah, nah… this is something better, something more interesting and something more invigorating. I guess I need to provide background because of how vague I’m being at the moment. I’ve been on the road, I’m a traveling man, gallivanting the east coast over the past six days from Baltimore, Maryland to New York, New York. I didn’t bring a personal camera which doesn’t matter a ton because I have an iPhen to capture my travels, the sites I’m taking in and the places I think are interesting to me. Whenever I travel, I rarely build myself a large list of places to do or things to see when I am in a new city. I do this for two reasons: 1). it makes the trip more daunting than it should be and less of a vacation because it can feel like one is trying to cram everything in to a short period; 2). I want to organically discover the city, through walking the streets, taking public transit and the spur-of-the-moment-happenstance-stumble-upons. From this “do whatever comes to mind or what I know of the city” came an interesting thought: how about sharing where I go on my Instagram account with the hashtag #noagenda(insert city)tour? And so began the walking, snapping, no-filtering and hashtagging of a Baltimore tour and (an ongoing) New York tour.

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