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How Ghostface Killah poignantly defines the Nicolas Batum situation

First off: WOW, I haven’t written a damn thing for this blog in ages. I really just forgot about it after it exploded because of the lockout post. That little write-up put me on one; I mean I was a small time celebrity among my friends thanks to the cojones that I showed. Not to mention the Twitter love I got as well. In summation, I took far too long of a hiatus from writing (those same six drafts from last May are still sitting in the queue mocking me and saying, “I knew you couldn’t follow through, ya bum!” Oh, I’ll show you, you piece of coding and letters clicked through a keyboard. Be glad I haven’t deleted you yet. Man it feels good to ramble nonsensically like this!) Today’s post is going to be pretty nifty: I am going to use a song’s lyrics to explain a real world situation. It’s going to be awesome because it involves one of the most notable hip-hop artists ever: Ghostface Killah. Welcome to Hip-Hop Exegesis 358: Real Life Rapping.

As people know, Ghostface is from the illustrious Wu-Tang Clan and he ain’t one to fuck with. Also, he has (or someone using his namesake) created blog where he sounds off on hip-hop and rap artists and their work in real terms with hilarious analogies. If haven’t taken the opportunity to read any of his musings, I highly recommend it. Now that you’ve met today’s Real Life Rapping rapper, let’s see what we’ll learn today.

“Diversify your bonds!”

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Broken Mold

I had begun to write this post way back in May during a time where sleep and I were playing hide and seek… it goes without saying (though I’m going to say it anyway) that I finally found sleep and completely forgot to get back and finish this. In the same vein, I completely neglected this blog for about the umpteenth time, which has to make me one of the worst bloggers on the face of the earth. It isn’t as if I don’t have interesting things to share, I just seem to be selfish in sharing… here I go rambling and warbling like that annoying parakeet your grandmother has at her apartment. What was the point of this post again? The ambiguous, neigh, highly obscure title gives you absolutely nothing to immediately think of. However, I hold all the cards in this situation and you’re just going to have keep reading for a few more lines. This is called “drawing readership” because I know you are all dying to know what this is about (OK, pretentiousness finished, flipped to side B for regularly scheduled blogging).

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I’m back… at least I think so

Ok, ok, ok… I knew this was going to happen. Always has when I finally get into a groove of just typing out thoughts, preparing future blog posts and everything, disaster strikes. Hurricane ProcrastiClement hits with such force and swiftness, that while I know about it and how to stop it, I allow it to happen and get swept into the devastation that occurs directly afterwards. Lethargy and apathy set in first, followed by the ease of distraction (namely fantasy baseball, looking for employment [not all that bad], checking up on free agency and my terrible addiction to NCAA Football 09 and MVP 2005) and finally, the age old “I’ll get to it tomorrow” comments. Times like these are when I get super reflective and I always think:

“Man, knowing how I operate as a person in regards to start/finishing certain projects and endeavors… seeing the process I use… how the hell did I get to where I am at? I mean, graduated from high school nicely, got through college pretty well. Why do I keep doing the same stupid stuff like this?” Continue reading I’m back… at least I think so

Bay Area Spitters

“I want a spitta, I want a spitta, I want a spitta.” Seems to be the anthem that many fans of hip-hop are asking for these days. A savior to get us off the topic of “hip-hop is dead” and also gives us something that is not of the typical mainstream droning that is played on the radio. I quit the radio about 2 or 3 years ago and left my music listening to what I heard at house parties, Pandora and the hits I would get when downloading songs from Frostwire. In conjunction with this I had been building this massive playlist of old cuts, new ones and some obscure artists that I started listening to and it has reached 860 songs long (it is still growing too). To be honest, and not sound like a hypocrite, some of those songs are mainstream artists that I like or are just catchy enough that I can’t fully rid myself of (mostly because I think we as human like to associate to what makes us most comfortable and sometimes, but not always, mainstream reminds me why I got into certain genres/artists).

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