A.B.C. is Coming Soon

Acronyms are all the rage nowadays, mostly driven by Internet spek and a means to simplify and make communication more efficient. IIRC, IMO (usually emboldened with an H between the M and the O so that you know it’s real), FWIW, ICYMI, etc., etc. I try to stay away from these heavily used acronyms as much as possible when I frequent sports forums, Facebook (which I rarely use anymore, recent [read: the last 50-some hours] activity excluded), and Twitter (which is odd seeing as you only have 140 characters to work with). There are times though when I absolutely enjoy acronyms and many of these are done not as a means of shortening household cliches, but as an avenue of describing a type of person, an interaction that you have with a person where you ponder, “Oh, damn, this one of those ‘letter’.’letter’.’letter.’ moments,” and as way of communicating something to friend(s) that is on a plane of understanding only you and them know. And sometimes, acronyms are just what they are: a pneumonic device to help a person remember an important piece of information.

Get ready for this walk down recent memory lane.

Acronyms are all of these things for me, especially with what I’ll be divulging over the next few posts. So what is A.B.C. you might be asking. A.B.C. is an upcoming series on I Just Write Right that will be about a recent trip I took. It will be written as a story told through pictures, and the pictures themselves will lead to certain vignettes that made the trip memorable. And while some vignettes that will be recounted have no pictures, the vivid details of the retelling should be enough to fill the canvas of your mind. There is an art to storytelling, word to Outkast and MC Ricky D, and I hope that I can pass the test.

Get ready for A Brooklyn Chapter, a chronicled trip to New York told through anecdotes, pictures and tales of a Pacific Northwesterner’s first time in the city that never sleeps. I do think you’ll enjoy it, so please stop by again soon for the first part of this series.

America, New York, wingspan… the usual things.

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