The Full Circle of Dirk Nowitzki

Well, if that didn’t get your juices flowing, I don’t know what will. It has only been a bit more than a day since the Mavericks beat the Heat, and the reverberations of this feat have been felt throughout the country. Most of the reaction has been the criticism of the hubris, ignorance and disappearing of the biggest act in the NBA, LeBron James. Even in defeat, LeBron is still winning the press headlines instead of the championship rings he truly (which after this pitiful performance, can be questioned) desires. While it is and was amazing/saddening to see how completely the Heat froze up, it is and was remarkable and awe-inspiring to see the Mavericks rise up and claim the ultimate prize.¬†Assuredly¬†the league truest and possibly last (of a dying breed) unassuming players, Dirk Nowitzki accomplished a feat that had eluded him 5 years prior, and before that most of the early 2000s. In his latest postseason, Dirk Diggler performed at a level that was so unreal, so utterly amazing, that I was truly in awe of how far he has come and how damn well he plays the game of basketball. To my cousin Emem, who was dissing on Dirk during the disassembling of the “Lakers’ self-wiring computer” (his words, not mine): I told dude is bad, I told you: HE’S JUST RAW BRO! #whyumadtho, #dontbesalty, #enjoymikebrown haha.

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Scholarship Part 1: Environmental Racism

Haven’t written anything for this spot in a long while, even though I have 7 drafts backlogged on the post queue. Those seven drafts were all done on a night when I couldn’t fall asleep, so I clicked on some classic Kanye and wrote until I finally heard the sweet call of slumber persuade me away from my laptop. My hope is to get those ones finished soon so you, my visitors, can read them. I also want to commend and applaud those that do come to this blog and check up on it, means a lot to me and while this place has been a bit barren in terms of material the fact you return means I am doing something right. (Right? And I know the song picked has nothing to do with the premise of the post, I’ve just been vibing to a lot recently.)

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