Character Content: Sub-zero

Editor’s note: The entire time this incident was occurring, I was initially going to use the G.O.O.D. Friday track “So Appalled.” However, the subject matter and overall lyric flow didn’t fit the scope of this post. The only parts I really thought fit were: “I’m so appalled/Spalding ball,” Swizz saying “life sometimes can be ridiculous,” and the hook (especially in the RZA’s voice) “this s*** is f***in ridiculous” because it truly was. The song chosen has more of an uplifting message and is in line with my imploring that I never want to see what I saw Wednesday night.

Tonight, the Blazers may have lost a heart-wrenching 5 point game to the sheriffs of the West in the Lakers, but the bigger loss is my respect of Blazers fans that I cater to. I work as an usher for the Rose Garden at entry A3 and my job is pure bliss and enjoyment most nights. Tonight’s game was enjoyable until pettiness reared its ugly head and ruined a rather enjoyable, competitive and energetic atmosphere that had been brewing at my perch in A3.

The game hadn’t even started yet and when my man Dennis walked in the building, his exuberance and Laker regalia screamed shrillingly that trouble may lurk at some point in the game. Laker games are full of harbingers that makes the trained eye (I’ve been working A3 for 4 years and have seen 7 Laker games full of incidents) recognize before anything else. There was something different about Dennis though. Not to pigeonhole Laker fans, but most are pompous, abrasive and emboldened to stir the pot as they see fit. That sounds harsh, but it’s true. And don’t snicker and smirk Blazer fans, you are by no means anymore angelic. This story will make you livid and curse the very fans that tried to ruin an opposing fan’s enjoyment of basketball.

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