Amid the Bustle, Ducks Have to Keep Hustle

What a game, what a season and what a way to end it all. Granted, I am one that likes to see a game end with those that got it to the current situation rather than have a kicker decide it. I understand why it happened the way it did, don’t give me flack on that, I just wish Auburn had the brass balls and audacity to run it in with the most devastating QB draw player since (his old teammate) Tim Tebow. It would have felt more vindicating to lose by way of a 1 yard draw play, than by some guy that had been milling around on the sideline for the better half of 4 hours. That’s just me though, that is just me. I digress to the main point: this was by far the best national championship I have watched since the 2005 USC-Texas thriller. I really don’t remember that Florida-Oklahoma game because the incessantly chatter about Tim Tebow was verbal tryptophan and I fell asleep during the second half. I mostly blame Joe Buck for doing everything short of blowing Tim Tebow and ifhiuhiughvijfr f oifr [r pokfn…. Sorry, see, Tim Tebow talk = instant snooze-fest!

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WTD With the Ducks

I had been meaning to write a long winded, highly intelligent, numbers packed, equal love giving pre-BCS Natty preview. But, I forgot. Ok, I lied, I didn’t forget… I just didn’t do it. So it is very late to write anything of incredible substance seeing as kickoff is in a little less than an hour. Nevertheless, I’m going to give a few words to all those curious to know what brews in my mind regarding this monstrosity of a football game.

I, in my heart of hearts, staying loyal to the PAC-10 and the Northwest, and above all being an Oregonian, am going to roll with the green and yellow, oh so mellow Ducks. Loyalty aside, I’ve watched both teams tear up their respective conferences over the season and think this will be a fairly even match-up. The thing that turns the tide for me is the trust I have in Oregon’s defense throughout the game, especially when that 3rd quarter and the second half start. Every game, save for the PSU and New Mexico, saw the Ducks rise to the occasion and stymie the opposition. Stanford was steady rolling, throwing and making the whole of Eugene feel sick in that first half by rolling up 31 points. They were silent after that when the Ducks dialed in and ratcheted up the pressure. Tennessee is another example where the Ducks again were not closing lanes and allowed running backs to rip off 20-35 yd runs at a time in the first, only to have a ball in the second half and hush up Rocky Top Nation. And in easily their most tested victory of the season against Cal, I feel they showed that they can win ugly. I TRUST THESE GUYS TO DO WORK.

Auburn, you’re cool, I’d write about you if I had the time. I just don’t have time to laud Cam Newton, Michael Dyer, Onterrio McCalebb, Darvin Adams and Nick Fairley. I just don’t. Know that I liked what you did during the regular season, check my twitter for proof. But it’s time for the PAC-10 to step out on the national stage in the granddaddy of them all- THE NATTY.

“Mirror mirror mirror, tell me whadda see/Ducks race, 1st place, winning with ease.” Here’s to a great game, and a Ducks victory. Cheers, be safe and have a great night.