Jankiest Road Trip

Still late, but I am going to catch up in one fell and timely swoop. The Blazers returned from one of the oddest road trips you will see, mostly because of the fact they are the only team left in the Pacific Northwest. They started in LA for a Clippers game, New York for a Knicks showdown and then it was off to some Midwest swinging in Chicago and Milwaukee. That itinerary sounds rather insipid, huh? If I’m scheduling these games, I would like to schedule them in manner that is not as crazy and odd as this. But such is life in the NBA with the countless back-to-backs that are needed for all teams to play their 82 games in the most frenetic 7 months thought possible. Well, enough about that topic and onto rehashing a very good, quality, frustrating, and intriguing 3-1 road trip by the Blazer. To save time, yours and mine, to save space and show some trends, I have decided to lump this all together like a fantastic Hungarian goulash.

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Blazer Bizness: 106-92 Victory Over Phoenix

I’m late, I know, I know, but it’s better late than never right? Here I am again with another game recap, but this time instead being pretty close to the game’s finish I am writing this diatribe 6 days after the fact. Yes, I know you’ve read recaps at BlazersEdge. Yes, I know you’ve read the AP Press recap. And, furthermore, I know you have read Oregonlive’s recap. Just give me a shot here, because I am sure you’ll enjoy this one thoroughly. Plus, it is a great time of the year to be reading fan musings and reading about the Blazers is always a good thing and makes time fly like, well, a fly. Prepare for a grand retelling of the Blazers season opener against the Suns.

I feel it should be told up front that I work at the Rose Garden and during the Blazers’ season I usher entry A3, the section that is right behind the opposing team’s bench. It is pretty BAMF and I have been thankful to have been awarded the spot for the 4th consecutive season. So I have a glorious perch to intake all Blazers games and also interact with the fans that sit in the section I monitor. I’ll have to twitpic it or something, but I digress. Prior to the game starting, a fan that had sat in my section my first two years, but moved to another due to the economic crunch and the ruthless (but understandable, I guess) rise in ticket prices stopped by to gab about life and he left me with this nugget: “The spread for the game is 7. The Blazers will double it.” Now, sit on that statement for a bit and you’ll see why.

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