I’m back… at least I think so

Ok, ok, ok… I knew this was going to happen. Always has when I finally get into a groove of just typing out thoughts, preparing future blog posts and everything, disaster strikes. Hurricane ProcrastiClement hits with such force and swiftness, that while I know about it and how to stop it, I allow it to happen and get swept into the devastation that occurs directly afterwards. Lethargy and apathy set in first, followed by the ease of distraction (namely fantasy baseball, looking for employment [not all that bad], checking up on free agency and my terrible addiction to NCAA Football 09 and MVP 2005) and finally, the age old “I’ll get to it tomorrow” comments. Times like these are when I get super reflective and I always think:

“Man, knowing how I operate as a person in regards to start/finishing certain projects and endeavors… seeing the process I use… how the hell did I get to where I am at? I mean, graduated from high school nicely, got through college pretty well. Why do I keep doing the same stupid stuff like this?”

I mean even before I got to typing this out I had the title written, the music videos chosen and situated myself in my chair, but out the corner of my right eye I see the Monday Oregonian crossword that I had 85% completed yesterday. Being a puzzle fiend, I couldn’t leave the O like that and I snatched it and spent 10 minutes finishing it. I felt satisfaction for completing a crossword, something I can do a bit more frequently than in my formative years, but the fact I had to finish it at the expense of doing something I set out to do bugged me. Also, it bugged me because something more than likely got me to not finish the crossword yesterday. Obviously Hurricane ProcrastiClement is a vicious and cyclic pattern that leaves ruins of unfinished business to be dealt with at later dates. I don’t want to make you think that I can’t complete a project or anything like that because I can. In fact, I’ll be posting the paper that let me achieve the last two credits I needed to get to receive my BS in Environmental Science. You will see what happens when I overcome Hurricane ProcrastiClement and put in solid work. And that is the answer I give my pensive reflections: I am here, a graduate two times over (three if you count my Cathedral experience, but I mean how do you not get past 8th grade? Shouldn’t judge though, just saying), because I know how to rectify the damage of the hurricane and I put in solid, tireless work to complete what I need to accomplish. Can’t tell you the number of all-nighters I have pulled over four years to get it to this point.

So, I may not have been updating as often as I should have but I’m back, back, back again like my crew Dilated says. This group is bananas. One of my favorite actually (Neighborhood Watch was a good album, as was The Platform), and I got hooked back on them in thanks to Pandora (seriously, that site/application deserves a round of applause or something… just not my money. Kidding, I’d upgrade if I had the income) and since that reunion I have had nothing but great times remembering how good it is to listen to them. I feel this group get little love in the scene of hip-hop, be it from undergrounders or mainstreamers. These three Gs (G standing for Gents), Evidence, DJ Babu and Iriscience do work on any track they put out. Also, you can’t forget the unofficial/official fourth member, The Alchemist… that guy, I mean this guy knows how to put together beats and get good artists to go Ali on them. Youtube his stuff, guarantee you won’t disappointed (1st Infantry goes hard, especially the Devin the Dude track “Where Can We Go”). This song is my tribute to you, the readers who came by during this unreasonably long hiatus. I checked the stats and during the non-posting period after my Bay Area Spitter post, I got 20 views. Dunno if those are regulars (do I even have regulars?), but thanks for continuing to stop by and apologies for not doing a damn thing for so long.

To end this post, I want to refer to another Dilated song, I won’t leave the visitors of this blog empty-handed ever again. My pledge is to do a few posts a week and fill out that calendar widget with linked dates because I got your back peoples. Worst comes to worst, y’all come first. Respect.


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