Embrace #thestruggle

What it does people? Man, I haven’t done anything on this for the longest time and I apologize. I had a feeling this would happen where I would ignore this blog, zone out and just do something else, and continue to say, “yea, I’ll get to it.” That is only partially true, the other proportion is the fact that I was finishing up summer classes and also this paper I am doing to finally get my diploma. Man, all this work for fancy piece of stationary with a gold stamp and a bunch of signatures… #yourekidding? #smh. I play you not. But anyway that is where I have been.

Along with this I have been living #thestruggle. This lifestyle is available to everybody, and to qualify all one needs to do is: be able to recognize the janky-ness of their digs, live on the thinnest of budgets, complain about how the world is against them as they search for a job, recognize others in #thestruggle and be humorous in the self-deprecating statements made. I’ve been stuck in this lifestyle since graduation and damn proud of…. actually, I lie. I hate #thestruggle, I loathe it, despise it, wish I could pry myself from the icy cold grip it has on me. Been on the unemployment grind for a bit now, mostly due to the fact that my summer classes effectively blocked out my afternoons from 12-4 Monday through Thursday… and I know you’ll say, “Clement, you still got the weekend, that’s a 3 day “get yo’ pay so you can play” time.” True, I spit back, but in the days of rationalization and efficiency and “bang for the buck,” who is going to hire someone to work only 3 days a week… forget that, who is going to hire a person who comes in and has certain time demands already in place. I just couldn’t bring myself to go job hunting knowing that I can’t give the job and grind for cheddar my full attention. I couldn’t be the one entering the application/interviewing process with a pre-arranged agenda that outlines how much and when I can work for them because the ones interviewing me are the ones that determine all of thoseĀ schematics. These feelings deterred me from testing employment waters and just focusing on school while living #thestruggle… to fulfill your goals you need to make sacrifices and therefore, by going for my diploma I will experience great things in the future. We’ll see. Unemployment is aight, it is nothing you want (took me a bit of getting over myself and my pride to get help) to do for an extended period; but there is one thing that kills me and makes my blood boil with this public service: too much redtape, idle time and inept people. I got shafted by the ultimate cocktail of these three (they always come in threes too, huh?) and lost a decent ($232 ain’t no thang right?) chunk of change because processing a huge influx of papers on the technologies we have takes so long (I still feel we are still stuck in some sort of stone age)! Anyway, that was that and I am glad that they acknowledged my schooling times and gave me some sort of compensation for doing the “diploma is more important than instant monetary gratification” route. (Something has to be wrong with me for taking school over money you all must be asking, right?)

On to today’s song, “Job Song” by Consequence. Here is a brother that is balls deep in #thestruggle… look at how that lady treats his simple and kindly asked request! Enjoy it, and just like the end of the video there is always hope. I know I have something to look forward to, but it is on Tuesday at 9:30. Potentially I may be saying dueces to the #thestruggle and thank you for giving me something to escape and hope I never fall back into.

PS- Sorry for the twitter talk. It has permeated all facets of my life.


2 thoughts on “Embrace #thestruggle”

  1. consequence is criminally underrated as an mc. too i feel this song has been my theme song for the past eight months.

    haha, yo and fuck the struggle. this shit sucks. i need to hit the lotto asap cuz this grave shift is like a slave ship.

    1. consequence gets slept on too much in my opinion too man. guy is low-key phenomenal in his delivery, and i do not know what people are doing by not giving him play. he did his thing on some ATCQ tracks, did work with Yeezy/John Legend/Common/Talib… so it ain’t like he is a nobody. If you haven’t heard his “Movies on Demand” mixtape I recommend it man.

      and, word- i couldn’t have summarized my feelings towards the struggle any better. where the fuck is my spaceship man?!?!

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