Bay Area Spitters

“I want a spitta, I want a spitta, I want a spitta.” Seems to be the anthem that many fans of hip-hop are asking for these days. A savior to get us off the topic of “hip-hop is dead” and also gives us something that is not of the typical mainstream droning that is played on the radio. I quit the radio about 2 or 3 years ago and left my music listening to what I heard at house parties, Pandora and the hits I would get when downloading songs from Frostwire. In conjunction with this I had been building this massive playlist of old cuts, new ones and some obscure artists that I started listening to and it has reached 860 songs long (it is still growing too). To be honest, and not sound like a hypocrite, some of those songs are mainstream artists that I like or are just catchy enough that I can’t fully rid myself of (mostly because I think we as human like to associate to what makes us most comfortable and sometimes, but not always, mainstream reminds me why I got into certain genres/artists).

Mixtapes are my new grind, the new avenue that connects me to the newest new that is out there. Thanks to mixtapes I was reintroduced to Wiz Khalifa, I met this guy named Curren$y, found out that the Cool Kids like fishing a gang, and also that Talib Kweli still moves units easily all while still rhyming consciously and making me think. This is the advent of a new movement, mixtape mania, will take over the game and we as fans can expect these snippets take on the hype of major studio releases.

To the point of the post, the Bay Area has a few artists that I have been vibing on for the past year or so. They are a group of rhymers that formed a clique called “The Getback” crew. In this membership is Rafael Casal, Daveed Diggs and Chanika Hodge, among others. The main guy I wanna focus on is Rafael Casal, probably the most noted and heralded of the Getback. Rafael Casal, the main guy on the video above (“Spitter” off his LP Monster).  Here is a good interview to get a good cursory introduction to who Casal is. Casal is most known for his spoken word poetry he has performed on Def Jam Poetry and also for his linguisitical flow that was made known in  his tribute to Bay Area slang (“The Grinch Song” also off of Monster). Well, Casal is making waves with me again with the new mixtape that just hit the net today entitled “The BAY BOY Mixtape.” This is new fire with a flavor that is possibly unheard of outside of the Bay. It isn’t just hip hop or rap, this is grade A quality music. It has been on repeat on my laptop for the last hour or two, as well as I write this post. I do believe you all will enjoy this mixtape and the quality musician/poet/mind that is Rafael Casal. Download the mixtape here. Getback because this guy is a spitter!


One thought on “Bay Area Spitters”

  1. Played this over the Grinch sample. Worked. Time to check Curren$y. Or should I say bread. Or guap. Or scratch. Or whatever money’s called these days.

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