Shine Through

Pardon the datedness of this post, but to keep with the work I had already done that main paragraph will stay intact. I will work off of what is now known in regards to the signings of free agent Wesley Matthews (I won’t actually discuss other free agents as they are gone already) and GM Rich Cho, as well as the summer league observations of Luke Babbitt and Armon Johnson (including a tantalizing preview of Elliot Williams’ potential).  

So Thursday’s draft came and went, cut and dry, to the script and almost without drama. As everyone on Earth and possibly Mars knows, Paul Allen finally let Kevin Pritchard go by way of the demoralizing “Hey, so I’m firing you before you do the one thing you love to do…. but I still need you to do your damn best” pink slip. This situation has been refried and hashed over like a good breakfast burrito, and I have thought and talked myself into a frenzy about the few knowns and myriad unknowns. The basic breakdown of this is one of the main faults that has plagued human existence: ego. Ego clouds the vision of the greater good (the Phoenix Suns prior to Shawn Marion’s departure were major victims to egoitis; how Steve stayed sane is beyond me), and here ALL parties are guilty of egotism and pride. Step on the wrong person’s ego and the backlash is vicious. Without going into much detail I have given you all you need to know. This drama-filled PR nightmare has once again put the Blazers in the negative media spotlight. But me, always the optimist, I am quick to turn the page and deal with what we have and who we have now. So where are we at now? An empty GM position, three new rookies, a mid-level exception and a bi-annual exception to utilize. Also, the team has a disgruntled player in Rudy Fernandez, a still rather unknown constant in Jerryd Bayless, exceptionally delectable expiring contracts in Andre Miller and Joel Przybilla and an owner/president/collective belief (most likely) that feels the teams needs to make a move, or moves to keep up with the movement that will be occurring on July 1, aka “Hey LeBron, we bu-fu-ed our payroll, aspirations to be a viable and competitive team, as well as alienate some of the few fans we have just for the opportunity to have you come play for us” day. Do I feel bad for the teams that are about to strike out as a result of this (cough New York)? Nope, not at all because they could have done a little better building something, anything really, that would entice LeBron to come in and toil to get his first ring (crazy to think he has been in the league 7 years and doesn’t have one and that he also came extremely close in ’07 after Hercules-ing that god-awful Cavs team to a Spurs sweep slaughter). However, I am not here to add to the trending topic that is about where LBJ is going, but I want to dissect the drafted prospects, the GMs on the radar and a few of the free agents I want the Blazers to seek mercenary type aid from. Times may look dark, but the sun always shines people, just ask Lupe.  

To be honest, the video has to be one of my favorites to watch because of how interactive it is. Lupe uses children to move the props and they are really who he does music for and the use of the Lite-Brite: genius… pure genius. It had me semi-colon close paranthese-ing on the real. 

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Numbers Game

If I were to name an MC that was fun to listen, challenged me to go beyond the lyrics and contemplate what they really mean and also teach me something, Mos Def would be on that list. Helps that Black Dante not only is a hip-hop artist, but is an actor and avid comedian because I have seen how he is in mediums that are not just music related and he seems like a class act and an extremely knowledgeable dude. On to the meat and potatoes of this piece because that is why you come.

This summer I had the opportunity to do some rather interesting and meaningful research at the request of my college advisor. (Editor’s note: Ok, it wasn’t at his request, it was a suggestion on how to finish off two credits) Dr. Kolmes, a true scholar/scientist/dope wise man, said that he had a research project in his back pocket but had never found the right student, or willing student, to do the project. Me being in a relatively tight spot because I couldn’t find an internship to do the “reflective paper” route and also impatiently wanting that piece of paper that I will be paying off in loans for the next eon, I decided “What the heck, sock it to me Kolmes; it can’t be that bad.” He got that look that professors get when they feel they have cornered a student, you know what I’m talking about? You know, the one where they are thinking, “O, you fancy huh? Thinking your shit don’t stank?” and the student is posturing back with, “Hell yea, hit me with your best shot; shit ain’t nothin’!” and a stare down accompanied by a semi-awkward silence ensues? He smirked, and began to tell me about how he had this nagging suspicion that movies, particulars movies that focused on the topic of climate change, have drastically altered how the public views the debate, as well as how much information the public knows about the issue (we are talking about issues such as glacier thinning, to greenhouse gases, to the human impact, to how dangerous carbon dioxide is).

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I’m back… at least I think so

Ok, ok, ok… I knew this was going to happen. Always has when I finally get into a groove of just typing out thoughts, preparing future blog posts and everything, disaster strikes. Hurricane ProcrastiClement hits with such force and swiftness, that while I know about it and how to stop it, I allow it to happen and get swept into the devastation that occurs directly afterwards. Lethargy and apathy set in first, followed by the ease of distraction (namely fantasy baseball, looking for employment [not all that bad], checking up on free agency and my terrible addiction to NCAA Football 09 and MVP 2005) and finally, the age old “I’ll get to it tomorrow” comments. Times like these are when I get super reflective and I always think:

“Man, knowing how I operate as a person in regards to start/finishing certain projects and endeavors… seeing the process I use… how the hell did I get to where I am at? I mean, graduated from high school nicely, got through college pretty well. Why do I keep doing the same stupid stuff like this?” Continue reading I’m back… at least I think so

Bay Area Spitters

“I want a spitta, I want a spitta, I want a spitta.” Seems to be the anthem that many fans of hip-hop are asking for these days. A savior to get us off the topic of “hip-hop is dead” and also gives us something that is not of the typical mainstream droning that is played on the radio. I quit the radio about 2 or 3 years ago and left my music listening to what I heard at house parties, Pandora and the hits I would get when downloading songs from Frostwire. In conjunction with this I had been building this massive playlist of old cuts, new ones and some obscure artists that I started listening to and it has reached 860 songs long (it is still growing too). To be honest, and not sound like a hypocrite, some of those songs are mainstream artists that I like or are just catchy enough that I can’t fully rid myself of (mostly because I think we as human like to associate to what makes us most comfortable and sometimes, but not always, mainstream reminds me why I got into certain genres/artists).

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Embrace #thestruggle

What it does people? Man, I haven’t done anything on this for the longest time and I apologize. I had a feeling this would happen where I would ignore this blog, zone out and just do something else, and continue to say, “yea, I’ll get to it.” That is only partially true, the other proportion is the fact that I was finishing up summer classes and also this paper I am doing to finally get my diploma. Man, all this work for fancy piece of stationary with a gold stamp and a bunch of signatures… #yourekidding? #smh. I play you not. But anyway that is where I have been. Continue reading Embrace #thestruggle